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Climate Change

Following the successful launch attended by more than 50 people, there is now a monthly ACE meeting at the Cricket Pavilion in Albury on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  The next meeting is 7.30pm Wednesday 8th December.  Any questions please call 01483 282951  - All very welcome.

What is ACE?

In May 2021 Albury Parish Council agreed that we must play our part in the Climate Change Emergency and a Climate Change working group was formed (Albury Climate Emergency - ACE). Since then, we have had several people from the parish who have come forward to help and to create and take ownership of a plan. There are many reasons we need more to come forward to help, in any way possible, as this affects us today, our children and their children. Why not join us and help preserve the unique character of Albury?

If you would like to be involved, please contact Stuart Bevan at

Albury Environmental Survey

The Climate Change Group would like to know residents’ views on climate change and what we can do to make our parish greener and help shrink our carbon footprint. We are just about to launch a survey and will publish the results soon.

News and Links

ACE Launch Event

Please join us at the Albury Sports Club on 16th October at 6.30PM

Surrey Tree Planting Map

Surrey County Council has launched an online map to show the location of trees and hedges planted in Surrey as part of their 1.2 million trees initiative. If you plant a new tree, please let the County Council know so that they can record it on this tracker website. For more details, click here.

Guildford Environmental Forum

Guildford Environmental Forum aims to improve the environment in and around Guildford for wildlife and for people and to build a sustainable future. GEF has been working to make Guildford and the world beyond a greener and more sustainable place since 1993, by educating, informing, cutting energy use, reducing ecological footprints, helping wildlife and tackling climate change.

You can download GEF’s latest newsletter, and learn more about their work on the GEF website.

Empowering Communities

Surrey Wildlife Trust aims to empower local groups to continue to take action in their local communities, offering advice and support on topics including biodiversity, wildlife gardening and fundraising.

Centre for Sustainable Energy

The Centre for Sustainable Energy has a wealth of useful information and resources.

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Useful Links

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