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Parish Council – Meetings

Albury Parish Council holds a monthly Council meeting on the first Monday of each month at:

The Memorial Library
Albury Village Hall
The Street

  • There is no meeting in August and the monthly meeting will be moved to the second Monday if the first is a bank holiday. 
  • Our meetings have a Public Session (20 minutes max) that allows parishioners to ask questions and bring items of information on local issues to the Council’s attention.
  • Meetings also include SCC & GBC Councillors’ reports which gives parishioners an opportunity to raise issues with them.
  • ​The Council’s committees deal with areas such as  Planning, Highways and Byways, Community Development, Local Planning, and the Village Hall.  See the Committees Page for more details.
  • Agendas are available on here and are posted on all parish notice boards.
  • Minutes of past meetings are also available here.
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