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REPORTS TO POLICE HOTSPOT MAP GU5 (March 2023 - April 2023)

CRIMES & NOTEWORTHY INCIDENCES GU5 (March 2023 - April 2023)

23/03/2023 - PEASLAKE - Garage burglary of bike as well as tools

21/03/2023 - LITTLE LONDON - Small Royal Mail post-box on pole stolen

11/03/2023 - FARLEY GREEN - Dog being dangerously out of control causing victim to be bitten on the calf causing bruising CR and a dog control order has been given

10/03/2023 - LITTLE LONDON - Theft of Catalytic Converter from car parked on driveway

NB: Majority of GU5 general reports relate to domestic incidences and neighbour disputes



We gave seen an increase in the Guildford Borough. Cars being targets are as follows:

  • Mercedes AMG line
  • BWN M Sport models
  • Range Rover 4X4

If you have a keyless car, please remember to:

  • Store key fobs in a signal blocking pouch, such as a Faraday pouch
  • Use a steering wheel lock
  • If possible, invest in an aftermarket immobiliser. These are designed to prevent a car from being driven without an extra step - such as a secondary fob or a code


This is still occurring through Guildford Borough. Cars being targeted are as follows:

  • Honda Jazz
  • Toyota Prius
  • Honda CR-V
  • Toyota Auris
  • Lexus RX

You can only prevent the theft of a catalytic converter by parking in a locked and secure garage. Everything else may deter or slow thieves down, but they cannot be promoted as a means of preventing theft.

  • Install a catalytic converter-specific security device such as 'ARMACAT' or 'CATAALOC' -
  • Make sure your car has an anti-tilt alarm that will go off if the vehicle is physically moved
  • Use a property marking kit or consider ID etching. Etching a serial number onto your catalytic converter will help police identify as stolen if recovered after a theft. Overtly advertising that the catalytic converter has been marked (through use of window stickers, for example) can also act as a deterrent, as marked catalytic converters are harder to sell on at reputable scrap metal dealers. You can find more information on etching at
  • Consider welded bolts for 'bolt-on' catalytic converters to slow thieves down.
  • Install CCTV that overlooks your car if you park on a driveway or road that can be accessed by cars or pedestrians.
  • Choose car park spaces that are close to buildings like hospitals and supermarkets, so your car is more visible and suspicious activity more easily detectable.


This is still occurring through Guildford Borough. Please see below leaflet for prevention:

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