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Road Works & Closures

Residents can find up to date details of the works onĀ If you have any questions please do not hesitate Surrey CC on 0300 200 1003 or emailĀ

Upcoming road works in the local area are as follows:

Shere Road, Shere

Roadworks with two-way traffic control approx. 105m past the junction of Combe Lane heading towards Guildford on 3rd March, 2022 9:30 to 16:00. Work ref. MA01505154-GUI-GR-1.

New Road, Chilworth

Diversion route on 12th March 22:00 to 13th March 6:00. Work ref. KL131RSJ-39-48-120322.

Sample Oak Lane, Chilworth

Road closure on the following dates:

  • 10th March 9:24 to 11th March 23:59. Work ref. MA400-IIR-1131875-1-A.
  • 13th March 6:00 to 14:00. Work ref. KL131RSJ-39-18-130322.
  • 14th March 9:30 to 18th March 14:30. Work ref. BC008ONEA86557482A2.

Brook Hill, Albury

Road closure on 13th March, 12:00 to 20:00. Work ref. KL131RSJ-19-130322.

23 Queen St. to 37A Towerhill, Gomshall

Diversion route between the two roads on 13th March 18:00 to 14th March 04:00. Work ref. KL131RSJ-35-60-130322.

Dorking Road, Chilworth

Roadworks, with two-way traffic control on 14th March 9:30 to 18th March 14:30. Work ref. BC008ONEA86557482A1.

Burrows Lea Farm to 20 Burrows Lane

Diversion route between the two roads on 23rd to 25th March. Work ref. BC417SECRA0000184655ONS.

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